YETIZ / Olivier Nkweti


Since August 2009, I have been able to acquire and implement real time 3D techniques for low & high poly modeling, texturing (diffuse specular and normal maps), UVs unfolding, skinning etc. .. I collaborated on architectural projects (Vray) and character modeling (accessories & decorations) of very different styles, from realistic to cartoon, especially for ANKAMA Products.

With ten years of experience in figurine sculpture I model since May 2012 for 3D resin printing for clients such as Privateer Press, Dark Age, KingdomDeath, Cipher Studios, Sodapop, Mierce ...



Practiced software: 3DS Max, ZBrush, Vray, Brazil, Mental Ray, Maya, Photoshop, UV Layout, Bodypaint 3d


Moreover, freelance figure sculptor, I worked for French and foreign companies such as Privateer Press, Upper Deck (World of Warcraft), Rackham (Confrontation and AT 43), Corvus Belli or Fenryll.


I am available for freelance, CDD, CDI.


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