olivier nkweti's sculpture,3D modeling & 3d printing services

With my experience of communications and feedback in the production chain I can help you to realize your project.

Prototyping, master, visualization, packaging, jewelery, artistic project ...


From traditional sculpture to digital sculpture

Passionate sculptor I have worked ten years as a miniature figurine artist.

First for Rackham (Confrontation) then as a freelance sculptor for clients such as Privateer Press, Wyrd, GCT, Upper Deck,

CMON, Mierce...

2009 : transition from traditional sculptor to computer artist. Modelling/digital sculpture for 3d printing or visualisation.


From concept art to the finished model

Yetiz3d has been offering its 3D modeling services since 2009 for customers around the world.

From the figurine to the advertising object, any scale. From the real size object to  miniature board game figures



Object visualization, architectural scene.

Visualisation : from IMAGINATION to the real thing

3D printing in all its forms


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